Awning and Canopy Cleaning

Clear has been the pioneer and leading company in the field of awning and surface cleaning since 1998.

We combine experience and know-how with constant innovation. In order to improve our working processes we keep updating our technologies. We always use the most advanced and up-to-date cleaning agents and products.

We provide uniquely customized services to suit our clients' special needs and schedules, enabling them to carry-on with their daily routine uninterruptedly.

Cleaning is performed with high-pressure water cleaners, using special cleaning agents to remove dirt and grime, sludge, mildew, bird droppings, dust etc.

Cleaning awnings is vital not just for aesthetic reasons. It is vital to preserving your investment. A well maintained and regularly cleaned awning is more durable and long-lasting. If dirt is allowed to remain on the surface of an awning for an extended period of time it causes stains causing the material to weaken and age prematurely. High-pressure cleaning washes away dirt off arms, frames and other metal parts, preventing the accumulation of rust and corrosion.

Regular maintenance and cleaning prolongs the life of awnings and canopies. Dirt buildup causes fabric erosion and breakup of the threads holding your awning together.

Cleaning frequency is different for different awnings, depending on environmental factors such as pollution, tree debree, and presence of birds and bats.

An awning that's exposed to all these elements is badly soiled and needs frequent cleaning, at least once a month, sometimes even every 2 weeks. For most residential customers we usually recommend 2x per year or annually cleaning.

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