An awning is usually designed to provide weather protection and shading. Awnings may also provide identity or decoration. Awnings come in various shapes and colors, and are usually made of dralon type fabrics or PVC. Cleaning awnings prevents stains and provides an aesthetic welcoming appearance.

Fixed-Frame Awning

 Fixed awnings come in all shapes and sizes, and can be made of various materials. The main advantage of a fixed awning is its durability and ability to withstand every weather condition. Its main drawback is the fact that it cannot be folded. The more horizontal it is shaped, the more dirt it attracts, conversely, an inclined awning enables dirt and leafs to roll down to earth. Frequent cleaning will help the awning to maintain a nice inviting appearance.

Marquee Awning

 A marquee is a retractable awning (accordion style). When the marquee is retracted, dirt and pollutants penetrate the pleats and accumulate, thus it is highly recommended to periodically open the awning to let it dry and remove dirt. Cleaning the marquee will prevent corrosion and staining.

Window Awning

  Window awnings have a fabric roller at the top and vertically hinged arms. They are easily adjusted and can be stopped at any intermediate point between open and closed. In addition to shading they can help prodive a sense of privacy when needed.

Folding Arms Awning

 An awning supported by two arms or more, may be opened or closed according to need. Folding arms awnings can be manually or electrically operated. Cleaning a folding arms awning is highly crucial for all the abovementioned reasons, as well as to protect the fabric from prematurely wearing out.


A parasol is a shading apparatus designed in numerous shapes, colors and materials, may be stationary or portable.

Residential Awning

A residential awning can give your home a decorative appeal, as well as sun or rain protection. It can be made of various materials, designed in different shapes and colors, and offer the best solution for your needs. In addition to shading your house it may provide protection for your car or your laundry. When we clean a residential awning we do it with great care for its environment and surroundings, so everything around it looks clean and neat.

Commercial business Awning

Commercial awnings call attention to your store or business while sheltering you entrance. Wind, rain, dust and other pollutants make awning cleaning necessary. Dirty awnings make your business look bad. Plus, the grime, if left long enough, can destroy your awning beyond repair. It is easier and less costly to clean your awning on a regular basis than to replace it.

Vertical Awnings

Vertical awnings can be ceiling or wall mounted. They are used to shade windows and other openings. They can double play as signs or as decorative elements.


A pergola is a garden feature serving as protection from rain and sun, usually made of wood, but may also be made of aluminum or other materials. Can beshingle or timber roofed.