Cleaning your awning is best left to the professionals, however, there are a few simple steps you can follow to prevent dirt buildup and protect your awning:

 Keep your awning retracted whenever possible.

When open – make sure the awning is well stretched, which will help dirt to roll off the awning

A sagging awning does not look good and the pocketing does not allow dirt to roll down. Do not allow water to stand on the awning, causing pocketing and possible stretching, tearing and staining. Also, the weight of the water may break the frames, leading to costly repair expanses.

Keep shrubbery and vines away from your awning. Some plants secrete acids that can stain or damage the fabric.

A common problem is the presence of pigeons. You should always call a professional bird controller (you can find one in our list of useful links). Never use lubricants or greasy materials to fight off the pigeons as these substances are almost impossible to clean. The fecal material that lies on top of the awning should be hosed off as soon as possible as it tends to be acidic it causes harsh staining and eats away at the fabric.

If your awning is retractable, always roll it in if windy/stormy conditions persist or are anticipated. Strong wind may damage your awning.

Never use strong detergents or harsh soaps as these may harm your awning. You can always consult us when in doubt.

Using oil on the arms is not recommended as it causes dirt and dust to adhere to them. It is better to rinse with water and a gentle soap and than dry the arms thoroughly.